Aromatherapy Incense Gift Pack

Aromatherapy Incense Gift Pack

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Aromatherapy Incense Gift Pack includes 6 assorted packs of Aromatherapy fragrance range incense sticks. Each pack contains 20 incense sticks.

Stress Relief - Stress Relief is a combination of Lavender, Orange blossom and Thyme. Chosen for their relaxing and calming properties. 

Meditation - Meditation incense is a combination our greatest selection of relaxing scents. Carefully chosen to be used for deep meditation, yoga or creating a warm, relaxing and inviting atmosphere. 

Energising - Energising incense combines our finest energising scents. Each fragrance is carefully selected to provide a stimulating and powerful atmosphere with a warm vibe.

Sensuality - Sensuality incense combines the very best fragrances to provide a love tonic through the air. Selected with care to fill air with a sensual yet amorous atmosphere. providing the perfect romantic tone.

Relaxing - Relaxing incense is a combination of our most premium and incomparable scents. Each is meticulously chosen to provide a sense of relaxation and to soothe the body.

Refreshing - Refreshing incense combines our top fragrances and most refreshing scents. Each fragrance is picked thoughtfully to create an invigorating atmosphere and revitalise the body and senses.