Pinky Sugar Sizzlers

Pinky Sugar Sizzlers

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Pink Sizzlers are a popular alternative to wax. They bring a beautiful fragrance to your home. They are a natural salt based product with an added touch of Mica!

Pinky Sugar - A sweet citrus accord combining notes of white sugar, lemon and bergamot with lily of the valley, musk, candyfloss and crushed vanilla pods.

They are very simple and safe to use. 

Sizzlers are salt granules which have been infused with colour and fragrance. 

How to use Sizzlers - 

Simply add a couple of teaspoons to your burner. The fragrance from the salt crystals will evaporate into the air. You will sometimes notice the coloured granules will fade which is a good indication that a change in granules is not too far away.

Weight - 50g